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The Best Chefs in Los Angeles and Where to Eat Their Food

Top Chefs in Los Angeles

From the beaches of Santa Monica to Sunset Blvd., there’s an undeniable vibe here in Los Angeles. People don’t just live life here, they live it to the fullest, constantly satisfying their urges for luxury shopping and eating like kings and queens. That’s why the culinary scene in Los Angeles keeps getting more momentum. In order to help you explore Los Angeles, we’ve comprised a list of a few of the best chefs in California and where to eat their food so you don’t have to. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

The Best Chefs in Los Angeles and the Restaurants You Need to Visit

Nancy Silverton – Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza LA, Chi SPACCA, Los Angeles

Since she’s made her way onto the culinary scene, Nancy Silverton has been making her mark popularizing sourdough and artisan breads. A native of Sherman Oaks, Silverton dropped out of college in her senior year at Sonoma State University to pursue a career in culinary arts. Training in some of the best culinary institutions and under prestigious chefs allowed Silverton to come into her own as a force to be reckoned with.

She’s collected awards from Outstanding Chef by the James Beard Foundation, as well as Best Pastry Chef of the Year and Eater’s TV Chef of the Year. Known as one of the best chefs in California, you can eat at one of the three Los Angeles restaurants she’s involved in. Osteria Mozza is a fine dining experience with handmade pastas and olive cakes to grilled beef tagliata. Pizzeria Mozza LA is a more casual dining experience, but the food stays elevated, as expected. And her joint venture Chi SPACCA, which has been regarded as a “meat speakeasy” is another venture in Italian dining that will leave you fully satiated.

Michael Cimarusti – Providence, Los Angeles

There’s a reason why Providence is only one of a handful of restaurants in Los Angeles that have Michelin stars and that’s because of chef and co-owner Michael Cimarusti. As a connoisseur of the finest sustainable seafood, Chef Cimarusti treats the ingredients he sources with the utmost care and respect as he turns them into mouthwatering dishes, worthy of 2 Michelin stars.

Providence has been named “Top 50 Restaurants in the United States” by Gourmet magazine, “Best Seafood Restaurant” by Los Angeles Magazine, the #1 ranking in “Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants” in the Los Angeles Times and has received a James Beard Award. As one of the most highly decorated restaurants in Los Angeles, it only makes sense that the man behind the restaurant is at the top of the charts as well.

Jonathan Yao – Kato, Los Angeles

As a first-generation Taiwanese American, Jonathan Yao grew up in Walnut, California. His passion for food led him to open Kato in 2017 and he’s hit the ground running ever since. Serving a tasting menu inspired by flavors from Taiwan and Los Angeles, Kato takes you (and your palette) on a culinary journey, focusing on seafood.

Since it’s opening in 2017, Kato and Chef Jon Yao have earned Food and Wine Magazine “Best New Chef” honors, James Beard finalist for Rising Star, “Forbes 30 Under 30” and recently, Kato just earned itself one Michelin Star. If you’re looking to eat at a restaurant helmed by one of the rising stars of the culinary world, make reservations at Kato today.

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